LEADING OUR GIRLS; we all can be involved

The finest asset any girl child can have is a good home. Such environment will enable her to develop strength and stability of character, thereby teaching her to face the future without fear or undue anxiety. It also gives her something worthwhile to live for.
If she exhibits good judgement in later years, much of the credit must go to those who trained her. If she fails, it may have been due to troubles in her home, school or unsympathetic and hostile relationships (relatives, friends, etc)

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AYANSIKE, the 13 year old girl on her journey to stardom

Passion, Zeal and Zest are words that can be used to describe Oluwafeyisikemi Gloria Adetula’s interest in drumming. This 13 year old percussionist whose stage name is Ayansike began to demonstrate an undying passion for drumming at age 7. Ayansike finds anything around her as what she could beat as drum.
According to her mother, Olukemi Iluyomade, Ayansike’s frequent demand on getting a drum was too persistent that she couldn’t resist getting her a talking drum at age 11.

Within three months of tutelage, Ayansike’s talents was awakened and the originality in her beats became undeniable. At age 12 on her first outing, Ayansike emerged second best at the talent hunt show tagged “Timeless”. This launched her into a realm of recognition as she began to perform on several stages there after.

Ayansike has performed alongside King Sunny Ade, Mama Bola Are and a host of other highly respected artiste.
She has also performed to the admiration of the former Governor of Ondo State, His Excellency Olusegun Mimiko, HRM Oba Victor Kiladejo, the Osemawe of Ondo town, amongst several other dignitaries.

This SS2 class girl of Success International college has began to make wave in the entertainment industry. With her zest and needed exposure, we can be sure she will be among the youngest artiste with global relevance promoting African music and culture.

Ayansike is another proof that you aren’t called a girl to bury your talent.

She World


As a girl,
she remembers her innate strength to procreate and nurture,
she remembers her beauty and tenderness
she remembers her essence and honor,
she remembers she brought ease to the world,
when she lives to Iive well,
she does so because she’s human in pursuit of excellence

she dreams and dream big,
she has goals and aspirations,
she does not only exist but live to succeed,
she refuses to hide her values under the pillow of inferiority,
she does not give up on the best for the good in the guise of weakness,

Even when her pillow is soaked in tears,
and she shrinks to hide her shames,

judge her not,
because she still wakes up to face her fears,
she’s only that Human with so much to bear,
yet with wings in her arms to soar,
as high as she could see
Isn’t it great to be called a girl
she wouldn’t have been better if otherwise!


Handling Rejection

“When I was serving, I remember going round supermarkets in Owerri with samples of my cake.
Let me just say that was one of the toughest years in my business; I was rudely turned down by many people. It hurts a lot!”- Barr. Ifeoluwa Babatope.

Rejection comes in different ways and at different phases from different people. It could be very disheartening. However, rejecting oneself is the worst form of rejection that could result into clinical depression prior the conception of a suicide thought in severe cases.

At times, even a High self esteem is not able to help, when rejection hits really hard!

Not to talk spiritually but practically, Barrister Ifeoluwa has got some words to share on handling rejection and living above the opinion of others.

Rejection hurts. It doesn’t matter who you are. And I won’t tell you to “snap out of it”, because that would be insensitive.

Sleeping is an easy escape for me. But apparently, just like alcohol, the effect is only temporary, You wake up and get right back to the pain. It was, until I told myself:

Ife, you are a talented baker, if these people can’t see it, it’s their loss”.
So, let’s talk about practical ways to handle rejection.

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6 tips to succeeding as a woman at home and in career

As the year goes by with increased level of advocacy on #gender equality and the knowledge technology keeps bringing to our door steps, it has become very difficult if not practically impossible to succeed at home as a wife, mother and career woman.


Many times, females are faced with the option of choosing either their homes or career. some career-focused women lost their homes in pursuit of career excellence while family-focused women hide their public/corporate values under the pillow of “care for my husband and children”. At the long run, either of these women are fulfilled because something was lost and they get a feeling of “I know I’m more than this!”


…but the good news is, ” We’ve got a way out for you!”. There are excellent women who God has helped to merge home and career without defaulting in any. Believe you can be among such!

You need to first have this at the back of your mind that every man loves to be seen and addressed as “man” at home irrespective of their wives accomplishment or position outside the home. Wisdom is required to get the best out of every husband, at least for your own sake.

 Moji Ojebode Karigidi (A scientist, Financial columnist in Nigeria and Product developer at Moepelorse Bioresources) shares 6 tips to enjoying marriage while you keep reaching your career goals…

  1. Make your intentions and career pursuits known to your spouse early enough to gain his approval/support- He will be happy you are putting him in the picture.
  2. Be watchful to know when you are overdoing things and need to slow down or bend or compromise a little
  3. Let your spouse be involved in all that you do and always try to get his moral support at least, even if nothing else- This will give him a level of relevance in your life
  4. Erase every words or action of competitiveness that could make your spouse feel threatened.
  5.  Do not lose grasp of your kids as you pursue your goals (This could really get men pissed-off).
  6. Do not forget to show your vulnerability sometimes to your spouse so you don’t always appear like the super woman.

Women’s ability to multi-task was divinely given on purpose; Maximise it with wisdom.



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What about guilt?

The level of wisdom possessed by Homo- sapiens (Human beings) and their natural ability to create makes this higher creature susceptible to errors and mistakes; fatal and minor. Each day present to us an opportunity to learn, to be tested, examined and graded. I will not forget to mention my primary school days in this article, when my teacher
would put ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ on the zero(0) mark to shame a student

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Today, I am a happy lady with so much energy 💪🏽and vitality to enjoy this beautiful life in me “even though I love to play so much🤸🏽‍♀🤼‍♀” not because I have a job yet or billions in my account but because out of billions of people�👬👫👫�in�this world, *He chose to love me more than anyone else* Here is my story👉🏼Depression, Suicide, Females Continue reading THE ACCOUNT OF A ONE-TIME DEPRESSED MARVEL

…women with a difference